Use Cases

One Subscription, Multiple Use Cases

Digital Human TalkBots can be used for a single use case or with a combination of multiple use cases, depending on the need of the business. With a single bot builder interface, you can create your custom bot based on your business requirement.

Product & Services Explainer

Talkbots can speak to the user and explain your product or service visually. This helps building a Human Connect and gives you a clear competitive edge over your competitors. With Person8 Humans you can also educate you customers with a human connect, to build initial trust. A Digital Human TalkBot is like a digital team member, who can assist and serve customers or users from diverse backgrounds, 24x7.

Product Walkthroughs & Onboarding

Below are some sample product explainer talkbots.

AI Code - Codely X Webflow Template

Shopify Walkthough Bot

Over 50 Languages - Codely X Webflow Template

Docusign Walkthrough Bot

Available On All Platforms - Codely X Webflow Template

Gigsboard Onboarding Bot

“People fear what they can’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer…”

It is essential to educate the customers. A Visual Chatbot could be a great way to bridge the gap between your customers and offerings.

Other methods to educate customers

Different companies follow different paths to educate their customers, depending on the type of offerings.

Some of the other use cases are:

  • Services Explainer
  • Cross-selling and up-selling offerings
  • Case study storytelling
  • Knowledge Center

These Digital Human TalkBots can be embedded within your websites and web applications.

Companies House Finland's, service explainer bot has an average 9+ Customer Experience Feedback Rating, on a scale of 10

Companies can build Knowledge Center using Person8 Digital Human TalkBots, to educate customers about different topics.

Below, is an example of a Digital Human TalkBot based Thyroid Library from Jeevam Health (YC S20), an Indian healthcare company. To educate their customers about different aspects of Thyroid such as Root cause, symptoms, treatment, diet, etc, Team Jeevam is leveraging Person8 to provide a Human touch to customer education with a Digital Human Doctor.

Read Case Study >
Multilingual Approach

Below are samples that showcase how Digital Human TalkBots catering to an Indian platform, can be used to educate users in two different languages.

Sample walkthrough in English (Indian Accent) for platform users
Sample walkthrough in Hindi for platform users

FAQs & Support

Convert your Frequently Asked Questions into a visual conversation, to enhance user's experience.

Don't let your users feel abandoned

Reading through piles of text could be boring at times. What if a someone can respond to standard FAQs with visuals just like a real human.

This can take your user's experience to the next level.

Your support TalkBot can:

  • Convey responses to standard FAQs visually
  • Respond to diverse users in their regional languages
  • Capture message, suggestions and feedback, through a form embedded within the bot flow
  • Redirect users to the relevant pages or your ticketing portal
  • Provide insights about the user behaviour on the Person8 dashboard

Website FAQ Bot


Lead Generation

Capture more leads by adding a human touch to your lead generation efforts. A Digital Human based Digital Human TalkBot can be an extended team member, who can generate leads for your business 24x7.

Below are some sample lead generation Digital Human TalkBots.

AI Code - Codely X Webflow Template

Canonic guide & lead gen Bot

Over 50 Languages - Codely X Webflow Template

Jeevam doctor & lead gen Bot

Available On All Platforms - Codely X Webflow Template

CHF guide & lead gen Bot


Different companies follow different ways for generating leads, depending on the type of offerings.

Your lead generation bot can:

  • Share details about your offerings visually & capture leads
  • Promote new products & news
  • Showcase hot deals
  • Build trust with testimonials
  • Guide the users to the relevant webpages
  • Provide insights about the user behaviour on the Person8 dashboard
Jeevam Health generated 80+ leads in 8 weeks, after deploying the Digital Human TalkBot on their website.

Careers & Job Descriptions

How about a Digital Human TalkBot, that can take the candidates through a visual tour of your organisation, your company culture, policies and job openings.

A visual job description for each job opening or job categories, could be a great way to establish a human connect with the talent, while building a strong employer brand.

Below is a sample Careers bot, built on Person8.

Over 50 Languages - Codely X Webflow Template

Careers Bot

"Far too many organizations miss golden opportunities to bring onboard best possible talent for the tasks at hand — and those of the future.

This failure begins at the very first step: writing the job description."
~ Harvard Business Review, March 2020

If you wish to explore any of the above use cases or if you have a new use case that you would like to explore, connect with us today.