Case Studies

Below are few case studies which will help you understand the results and impact of deploying Digital Human TalkBots.

Companies House Finland

Companies House Finland is one of the leading relocation and business consulting companies in Finland. After getting to understand Person8 visual talkbots, the management felt that the bot could be used to revamp the customer engagement on the website and improve lead generation.

Person8 TalkBot on the CHF website

Below are the links to the demo and live visual talkbots, for your reference.

Demo Bot


The live bot can be viewed on the customer website here.

“With Person8, we can easily communicate the essence of our services to visitors in a minute. Visitors who wouldn't bother to read the text on our site may become interested and we have got many good leads this way. We see Person8 as one of our best investments in marketing."

Companies House Finland - Timo Nieminen, Founder

The Impact

The bot has an average 9+ Customer Experience Feedback Rating, on a scale of 10. Moreover it increased the lead generation and quality of leads that translated into increased business and led to significant time savings for the customer's team, as the website visitors easily understood about their offering, without the need to read through loads of text. Now the team spends their time with more relevant customers.

Jeevam Health

Jeevam Health is Y-combinator backed healthcare company helping individuals with treatment of thyroid and auto-immune diseases with functional medicine. The team at Jeevam needed a solution to engage their 10k+ community and generate more leads from the website. After getting to know about the Person8 visual talkbots, the team felt that the bot could be a great way to connect their brand with new users and the existing community.

Jeevam team worked with Person8 team, to build World's 1st Digital Human Thyroid Doctor. They built a knowledge repository, a 'Thyroid Library' that shares details with patients regarding best practices, symptoms, diet, supplementation and a lot more.

Besides healthcare advice, during the interaction with the AI Doctor, patients get an option to schedule call with Jeevam's team of doctors, attend webinars and options to checkout different relevant healthcare products on Jeevam's online store.

Person8 TalkBot on the Jeevam website

Below are the links to the demo and live visual talkbots, for your reference.

Demo Bot


The live bot with the thyroid library can be viewed on the customer website here.

The Impact

The Digital Human Doctor led to high volume of user interactions post deployment. The website receives an average traffic of 1000+ visitors monthly (Based on public data of the relevant months from

Below is an analysis of the data from the first 60 days, after the deployment of the bot:

  • 510+ unique users interacted with the Digital Doctor
  • 81 new leads generated automatically
  • 230 users visited the digital thyroid library
  • 48 users checked out Patient Success Stories
  • 42 users registered for webinar
  • 31 users watched on-demand webinar
  • The existing community engaged actively with the bot, especially the thyroid library.

As per the Jeevam team, they see great potential in future for building a dialogue with their users through Person8 visual talkbots and continue to work with the Person8 team to integrate the solution further within their upcoming applications.

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